Making and Repairing Harps With Passion

Niebisch and Tree harps cover all aspects of concert harp repair, harp restoration and harp servicing including emergency call-outs, as well as servicing and repairing lever harps. We have extensive experience with all makes of harps, from the 18th century to contemporary instruments. We also have our own range of bespoke lever harps for sale.

Lever Harp
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Harp servicing


We service harps of all makes and models (Salvi, Horngacher, Lyon & Healy, Erard, Venus, Aoyama, Camac etc.) regulating to within very fine limits checking and adjusting all parts of the harp and lubricating if necessary.

  • Same day service for concert harps

  • Pedal wrapping

  • Regulation

  • Re-stringing

  • De-buzzing


We also service all makes of lever harp.

Harp Repairs And Restoration


We specialise in all harp repairs and harp restoration from replacing necks and soundboards to re-gilding and all types of action repairs. We can provide free quotes for personal or insurance purposes, as well as helping to assist you when making your claim.

  • New necks

  • New soundboards

  • Gilding

  • Action re-riveting and refurbishing

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new lever harp

Bespoke lever harps


We sell our own bespoke range of lever harps. Models include the lightly strung Nightingale, Blondel, and Glastonbury, and the concert gauge strung Avalon and Albion.

  • Made with the highest quality materials

  • Rich and unique sound

  • Everyone is bespoke

Niebisch and tree
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Our Ethos
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, from servicing a concert or lever harp to the complete restoration of an early Erard every job we carry out is done to the highest standard. While keeping alive the skills of harp making that have been used for hundreds of years we combine it with modern techniques and machinery, allowing us to achieve and maintain the highest standards of excellence.
Whether you've been playing for 50 years or are just looking to get into the harp we always treat every customer with the same level of respect.