About Us

Niebisch and Tree Harps have been making, repairing, restoring and servicing harps for over 30 years. The company was founded by Nigel Tree in 1986. Nigel Tree can trace his training and expertise in a direct line back to the greatest harp makers of all time -- Pierre and Sebastien Erard. In 2011 Alex Tree, Nigel’s son, joined the company. After studying fine furniture making for several years and having spent his whole life around harps, Alex was the perfect addition to the company.

Our expertise is in repairing, restoring and servicing harps, whether that be re-gilding an 18th century Erard, replacing the neck of a modern Horngacher or just giving your harp the much needed service it deserves. This means that when you bring your harp to us you know that whatever job we are carrying out on your instrument it is always our top priority.

Alongside our repair and servicing work, we do produce our own bespoke lever harps. Using the knowledge gained from decades of experience working on all types of harps with a broad range of constructions, we have designed our own range of lever harps. Our clarsach harps combine the best musical qualities with a robust construction which has been proved to last for over 25 years without repair. From time to time our design skills are also called upon by private individuals and design companies. For instance, our most recent project was working alongside the renowned design company DesignBridge to create a design for a new harp for Guinness which was used as the basis for their updated logo.

Originally founded in 1986 we operated out of our north London workshop for 30 years until 2016 when we moved to our new premises in High Wycombe, allowing us to be much more accessible to large parts of the country. if it is not possible to get the harp to our workshops, we also travel all over the country and further afield to service harps in your home, in your college or in an orchestra pit.

Nigel Tree
Alex Tree

What a joy to have had the harp overhauled, I played the first concert last night and indeed it was a real pleasure! Many thanks Nigel for your excellent labours which are warmly appreciated.

Jean Bell

Just a line to say how thrilled I am with the harp – it’s really settling in nicely – everyone who’s seen it has drooled greatly!

Gaynor sadler