Gilded Salvi Iris

This beautiful gilded Salvi Iris is in almost showroom condition. The harp is just over 30 years old however it has only ever been played a handful of times and kept in a music room the whole of its life. The harp has an amazing rich tone. The gold is in practically perfect condition and the rest of the harp is close to immaculate. Due to the fact that it has pretty much never been played the action is as it was when it left the factory.

Due to the harp being one of Salvis' premium models it is fitted with the same improved soundboard as is being promoted in their current professional harps. It was also made at a time when Salvi was using a much higher quality material to make their necks which means that it will pretty much never twist. 

The harp has been fully serviced prior to sale.

Harps like this do not come up very often and it must be played and seen to truly appreciate the quality of this instrument. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.

Price: £39,500
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